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Live web chat, finally done right.

Since the days of IRC, people have been searching for better, more dynamic ways to connect with others instantly who share their views and interests. Whether it’s cheering on your favorite team or discussing news, finding answers or just hanging out, now there’s a place where people can sit and chat on what interests them.

The conversation you want, with who you want, anytime.

While Bitverse is as big or small as you want it to be, it’s meant to be experienced on a big canvas. Sharing emotion, images, videos, articles and Q/As have never been more dynamic. Topics are nominated by room participants and conversations can organically can split-off into sidebars while the room stays on topic.

Wow, what a missed call! You guys sure are ready to go trick-or-treating tonight. Those referee costumes are on point.

The o-line isn’t everything!

LetsGoCats  Just wanted to let you know that your picture is awesome.

Looks like we’re going to repeat the same scenario. The Eagles won the first prime time encounter back in 2006, 27-24. Carolina repaid the debt in 2012, with a 30-22 win.


Build your own
real-time community.

No matter your interest or passion, you can build your own community, club or just a hang-out spot for the things that matter to you. From sports to advice, television to hobbies, Bitverse allows you to shape your room the way you want it.

Latest Rooms

Ready to make your own?

Bank of Azimuth Stadium, Ossining, NY
1:00 PM ET Sports TV

Find upcoming events, and join the conversation.

For live events, live talk.

The big game. The Oscars red carpet. The presidential debates. The Game of Thrones finale. Celebrity AMAs. Whether it’s football or fashion, political drama or dragons that get your pulse racing, you can now join others to share that experience as it happens.

Introducing Timeline.

It doesn’t end with chat. Instead of long chat logs, rooms are curated into an elegant browser showcasing the best content shared by you, your friends and everyone else who loves it just as much as you do, delivered fresh to you every day.

Shibas Being Shibas
Bit’s Landing

WolfCub6  I’d say that this is a depressing twist of a series finale, but I think I’ve grown used to this by now.

Diy at Home
Carolina Panthers
Cat Facts
The Misfit Club



A new day. New ideas. A new you.

The Tilden + Katz agency workroom is here for our East & West offices to collaberate easily. Any shared files should  

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More than play.

Bitverse features private rooms, allowing you to keep the conversation secure. Connect teams across departments or across the country with private workrooms that promote real-time collaboration, facilitate open dialog and provide secure exchanges.

The bitverse is what you make it.

Join the next evolution of the Web – one that’s built by and shaped just for you.
You choose the topics, you set the trends, you discover what’s new and what’s hot.
Jump in and start having fun!

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